Google appear to have rolled out an update on their search results pages (SERPs) to now feature a row of six or seven images below the meta title of a listing. This is not applicable to all results on a SERP and not all searches, but certainly seems to be a feature for e-Commerce websites.

In the below search, I typed in the brand ‘Converse’ into Google, and one of the results showcased the below: a series of images taken from the landing page, which in this case is a category page displaying a range of products.

If you try this with other brands, you’ll find other websites displaying in a similar way. Not all website listings will show like this though and just because your site may display like this for one search term, it may only appear with a single image for others, even if it’s the same landing page which is being featured.

The SERP result above is getting some brilliant coverage and really catches they eye because not only do they have a selection of images to click on, showcasing their collection, but they also have featured site links linking to sub-categories and other pages below the meta description. The images themselves however all link to the landing page that is ranking – not to their individual product page. In some cases, I’ve even seen the review rating schema visible in addition to the above.

I would imagine this new update will help to boost the clickthrough rate of any landing page being featured in such a way.

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